Safe PST Backup for Microsoft Outlook 1.11: Free tool to backup Outlook PST files. Back up Email, Contacts and Calendar.

Safe PST Backup for Microsoft Outlook 1.11

backup will be done in the background regardless of whether Microsoft Outlook is running or not. Safe PST Backup uses incremental backup model to back up and transfer only changes made to Outlook items. Save selected Outlook PST and OST files to restore them at any moment. Schedule and back up Outlook at specified time intervals or back up selected PST files manually. Upgrade to Safe PST Backup Enterprise Edition and get: * Backup Microsoft Outlook

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How to Get Back SQL Backup Database 5.0: Perfect Way to Know How to Get Back SQL Backup Database which is inaccessible

How to Get Back SQL Backup Database 5.0

Know how to get back SQL backup database and how to open SQL backup database by using SQL Backup Recovery in an efficient manner. Follow simple steps of SQL backup database recovery tool & get rid from that problem like: how to get back SQL backup database or how to open SQL backup database in SQL Server after perform the repair SQL Server backup database process.

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Another Backup 2.5: Automatically back up files at schedule time

Another Backup 2.5

back up, then select destination folder to save the backup files and backup interval. Another Backup works silently at the background and all specified files and folders are backed up automatically at schedule time. There are several backup interval options, such as several minutes, several hours, once a day, once a week or every few days. Backup files created by Another Backup contain compressed files that were backed up. The backup file format

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SQL Cloud Backup Free 0.9: Back up your SQL Server databases to a local disk and upload them to the cloud.

SQL Cloud Backup Free 0.9

upport - Back up FILESTREAM data - Consecutive backups with data deduplication. During the initial backup the program saves a complete database copy to a file. For all subsequent backups it saves only the blocks that have been modified or created since the last backup to the same file. - Quick and simple restore - Compress your backups up to 85% and save disk or cloud storage space - Backups created in SQL Cloud Backup can be encrypted using the

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Folder Backup for Outlook 1.00: Back up and restore selected Outlook folder instantly from the Outlook toolbar.

Folder Backup for Outlook 1.00

Backup Pro Edition can manage unlimited folders backups, provides more options allowing you to specify a location where to store the Outlook folder backup copies and define a number of backups to store. The Pro Edition also provides support of Exchange and IMAP accounts folders backup accessible through Outlook. The Enterprise customization options and integration with traditional Outlook backup tools or other third party software are available by

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Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL 5.5: Automatic MySQL Backup Software GUI - Database to FTP, Gmail, ZIP

Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL 5.5

backup files to ZIP / GZIP archives and upload them to your FTP server and Email box (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.). MySQL Full Backup, Incremental Backup and Differential Backup are available. With Windows Service function, you do not need to log in Windows system for scheduling backing up and restoring. Using MySQL Backup Command Line Program, you can manually back up and restore MySQL databases without GUI. Automatic Backup Scheduler for MySQL

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Backup Modified Files 11.69: Backs up all files in folders and subfolders, or just new and  modified files.

Backup Modified Files 11.69

backup you simply load the appropriate setup file and request the program to back up all files which have been modified, or are new, since the last backup. Backup operations can be saved in setup files and collected in a setups folder. Multiple backup operations can be performed at once by selecting setup files in the setups folder and telling the program to perform the corresponding backup operations. The program also has an auto backup function

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AceBackup 3.0.1: Quick and easy back up of your precious data on various backup volumes.

AceBackup 3.0.1

Backup supports several encryption algorithms (up to 256 bit). That way no unauthorized person can access your sensitive data during backup. Archive backups can also be secured encrypted to the FTP server. The program also allows so-called AS-IS backups: These backups are created without encryption and compression and can be restored at any time even without AceBackup. Using the scheduler, you can back up your data automatically to always have them

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SplendidBackup 2.6: The perfect tool for your backup needs. Support back up to FTP site.

SplendidBackup 2.6

The perfect tool for your backup needs. Supports: back up to FTP site; zip the files to be backed up (with password); scheduled backup; send an email after scheduled backup; create log file after backup; exclude files with specified extensions or only backup files with a specified extension; choose to backup all files or only files which do not exist on existing backup location or are newer.

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Backup Expert 2.2: Back up your documents and settings easily and securely with Backup Expert

Backup Expert 2.2

upcoming system crash, minimize your losses and save time on restoring your PC back to full operation! Backup Expert makes anyone capable to perform secure data backups. Absolutely no specific skills or knowledge of the high-tech industry is required! This new-generation backup tool makes data backup a simple, easy and straightforward process. Backup Expert makes creating data backups easier than downloading a tune from the Internet and listening

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